Garden Furniture – what to go for?

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Victoria Denman

Deciding on how to use and furnish your outdoor space can make the mind boggle!

It can be a significant investment and choosing something that works for your lifestyle now and in the future will allow you to make the most of the space. Being outdoors provides endless benefits to our health and overall sense of well-being.

Start with the practical considerations.

Storage and Materials:
o How much sheltered storage do you have for your furniture for out of season? This may influence the best suited materials to protect the furniture and protect you from any potential health hazards!

o It’s best to look for weatherproof outdoor furniture that has been carefully treated to prevent water and or heat damage. This might include synthetic rattan and some metals such as aluminium and wrought iron that have been coated in protective paint or powder, wooden or stone pieces protected with a resin seal and some plastics. If considering wood, it’s best to look for Teak which is both durable and naturally weather resistant due to its natural oils.

Make it work for the space:
Try to choose furniture that best serves your space. Be careful not to fall for something that would overpower or get lost in the space you have. Equally be sure to consider how you use your outdoor space and what you will need to make the most of those opportunities. Do you need a lot of seating for hosting relaxed gatherings or is the table space more important for you and your household?
Round tables work well in smaller spaces especially when seating fits underneath fully. For larger areas it’s worth considering modular units so that you can adapt your furniture to best suit the occasion. Outdoor ottomans are great seating that can double up as storage for outdoor cushions and other table dressings.
Importantly, when considering the size of your furniture, make sure you leave enough room around it to make it comfortable for movement too.

Surroundings and Style:

Reflect your personal style and consider your garden’s surroundings. Are you looking to tie in with a highly designed contemporary feel in which case you may look for clean lines using modular aluminium pieces with block colours for accessories. Perhaps you are more traditional and are looking to furthermore of an English country garden vibe which will work well with wood, wrought iron and rattan.

Quality and Cost:

Select one or two key pieces and invest in the most durable items for these so as to stand the test of time and avoid endless maintenance and replacement. Cushions, lighting and other accessories can be recovered and changed to alter the look over time. Invest in protective covers that are easy to put on and remove during the months of use.

Most of all enjoy!



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Garden Furniture – what to go for?


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